About Me

Welcome. THANK YOU for visiting my site.
I have an unnatural addiction to gadgets. I have a built-in talent for figuring out how things work, regardless of what kind of device it is. I have always had to have the latest technology and all the accessories that go with it. While my friends were out clothes and shoe shopping, I was out buying MP3 players and camera lenses.

I started working at Wireless Zone back in 2000 using some of those graphic design skills my parents sent me to college for. About ten years in, my focus and job shifted to sharing my knowledge of technology through phone reviews and a blog and later YouTube. I requisitioned my inner geek. I changed the geek thing, it was getting a bit dated, to GADGETISTA. It totally fits me. Now I am on my own and able to talk about anything regardless of the carrier and manufacturer and as always, I will tell you the truth!

Gadgetista: One who pushes the envelope on wireless devices and accessories to realize their full capabilities and help you; the end user, scratch the surface of what they can do to help make your life easier and more productive. So that is EXACTLY what I do and I never tire of helping people have that “Aha! moment” when they understand how to use a feature they didn’t know they had.

I have a wonderful run going. I have been published in the Wall Street Journal and I appear regularly on the most popular radio (The Damon Scott Show WTIC FM) and TV show Better Connecticut-WFSB) in the Hartford area. See other places to find me online on my Links page.